Best Makeup Transformations

Best Makeup Transformations


     Every good makeup needs inspiration to paint on your lovely face. Makup become one of the (most) important thing for most of us.  Before we will leave home. Not only good cosmetics will make your skin look flawless, your sweet lips, or use many foundations for perfect face.  But it should come with the Makeup skills, and feeling of painting colors on the face. Focus on the price, the brand more than good tips will not make you look the best in every day.

Ladies, we have amazing pictures of people who wear make up. And shock the world with excellent skills of makeup transformations.  One of the best pictures from us to present beauty for everyone.


1. Paolo Ballesteros – TV Host


Let’s start with talented makeup artist from Philippine. You can see his picture in the beginning. His Makeup be like magic. Transforms to be many famous people. And of course, he can change to be many celebrity without surgery.  


                        Lady Gaga/Ariana Grande


              Reese Witherspoon


                                           Lily Collins


                 ‘Game of Thrones’ Characters


                              Mariah Carey




2. Pony – Korean Makeup Artist


Hottest Beauty Blogger from South Korea in This moment. Her real name is Hye-Min Park, but everyone prfer to call her unique nickname.


Pony is quiet famouse beauty blogger on Youtube. She takes a video of herself while doing makeup. With her own line tips for makeup. She can transform to be many celibrity. Such as Kyliel Jenner, Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, and much more.


                           Pony transform to be Kylie Jenner


Pony goes furthur than Makeup artist on Youtube. She is Beauty guru and makeup artist for CL. K Pop aritst from 2NE1. Pony is author her own book to make inspiration for many women who like makeup and fashion. Pony is also appear in Fashion show, and beauty tour in the United states.

    Pony- Beauty artist book


                                Pony with CL From 2NE1


3. Alyson Tabbitha – Talented Cosplayer

Alyson is famous cosplayer who can transform herself into literally anyone.

When Alyson was young, her mother who is a professional charactor performer.
Always dress her with Halloween costumes. We can see it makes Alyson become professional cosplayer,by getting inspiration from her sweet mother.


Alyson has Youtube Channel named Alyson Tabbitha. In the videoes, she shows how to makeup to be like
many charactors from Movie. You can search “Jack Sparrow Makeup Transformation – Cosplay Tutorial”
This video has viewer more than 71k. That means most of us want to transform to be handsome Jack Sparrow too?

                                   Wonder woman
                   Alyson- Jack Sparrow


                       Female Titan From Attack On Titan

                                                                               Genuinely good cosplay


          Now you can see. Makeup is not limit just looking pretty. But it’s an Beauty art that you can paint every beauty line.
It mix between the lifestyle, and your own personality.

But the most beautiful style that you can be in everyday “Be your self”


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