The Winona Cosmetic Co, Ltd.  was founded on September 22, 2016.   Distribution of cosmetics. Focus on creating the product involved in all type of interpersonal relationships. And use ingredient from the herbs. Because we recognize the importance of life should be balanced with good health together.

Our first product came up with the Winona Soap. The hygiene soap for cleaning in woman's intimate area. With benefits of the Repair grass extract. Thai Herbs have been used since ancient time. Our Winona Soap makes satisfaction in the group of women customers in every age. Because make confident in intimate area. The product is popular both in Thailand and abroad.

Brand Belief

Winona believe that only wealthy cannot make people to have real happiness without having good relation with others.  Pleasure and completeness in life could not be filled.

Brand Vision

Winona would like to be the Asean brand in the product category of wellness which is well-known for product difference and give good experience to both end users and business partners.

Brand Mission

1.Select the high quality products to help people live better lives, good health, beautiful relationships and mental values.

2.Promote team development and professional working methods. Be happy with the job Get a rewarding return. Make a Difference in Responsible roles

And deliver these values. Our customers and partners

3.Create good experience towards end-users, business partners through our quality products and service standards.