What kind of woman that man not get bored?


Let’s say, one of the reason that make relationship of two people become disaffected
Some Part, it’s from the words of “Bored”. Sometime, you may get bored him. Or he can get bored you. By both of you never known. But in that feeling it’s already happen.  And it can destroy our feeling a little bit, but you never known.
Girls. Let’s try to see. How we will use strategy to make him not get bored you.

1. Be reasonable:
Understand that, sometime girls may have moody emotion. Especially, period of menstruation. But having the reasoning is the important thing.
Sometime, boyfriend does not pick up your phone.
He maybe busy. Do not need to be angry, call nonstop, or fight with him without reason.
See from villain woman in the movie. All of them stop from fighting.
Has the reason and be calm down.

2. Jealous but not too much.
Sometimes, jealousy too much. And another type, not jealous even a little bit.
Untill he thinks you do not love him.
Recommend in this point. You need to walk in the middle way.

When we are jealous of man, it means we are so jealous of him.
Do not want him cheat on you. Important thing is we should have limit.
Should not go too far until you need to get his facebook password. For checking his
message. Just need to password to unlock his phone screen for entry every application.
(Just kidding^^)

3. Focus on the main details. Aniversary of first date, first doll, first flower,
first meal, first movie ticket. So many things. Girls, keeping good memory is a good thing.
But for men. Some man can not remember many details. So, if he forgets. You should not
blame him. Woman like us do not need to care about many details. Focus on main day.
And make celebration, To make impression for him as unforgettable.

4. Be funny girl.  We also like man with sense of humor? Not surprised if you will be
funny girl that man like. Be with you and feel happy. He does not want to go anywhere.

5. Makes yourself beautiful. Looks attractive. Man also have feeling jealous.d
Let’s see one day you start to dress beautiful. And post the picture to social media.
Ans have many people like your picture. He will not do nothing.
Some man (Mostly) They always be like this. “Do not flirt with my girl”.
But do not understand when he talks with others too.

6. Invites him to do new activity that both of you never tried.
To make new memory first time. If will feel so in love and stay in your memory
so long. Example. Let’s go to climb the mountain together. Travel without direction.

Or be volunteer in different place. No matter event will be beautiful or not.

But it will keep in your memory forever.

7. Has your own signature. In this meaning, means talenting. Some girl
makes food very delicious untill boyfriend does not want to go anywhere.
Some girl sing a song very beautiful untill boyfriend crazy.

Or some girl is very good at take care. So if you still do not have your own signature.
You should see what he likes. And the thing that you do, he likes it or not.
Because this thing, you need to care your own feeling too.


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