Royal Project Products & Health And Wellness


“Royal Project” Short sentence that we hear, and see often.  Meaning of this word is over than describe and hidden with the meaning of full loving…

By the Commitment of King Bhumibol Adulyadej.
The late King laid the foundation and develop the land Local people used to grow the opium.

Turn to growing the winter plants. Became the land have the value. Make the new life to the minorities. And Thai populations to get the value from the thing that the King did today.


A lots of product from Royal Project’s production. Travels from the top of the mountain to the Big City.

Full of the value Nutrition and variety of the benefits.

In this article, we will come to suggest the Product from The Royal Project. Healthy and Delicious.

  1. Doi Kham Tomato Juice. One of the product from the land has used for growing the opium.

Renovates to be the economic crops sell all the country. Doi Kham Tomato Juice. Rich of Vitamin A, Vitamin c, Collagen, and Lycopene.  Helps to repair the skin and slow down the degeneration of skin cells well.

And Doi Kham Tomato Juice is one of product that popular. And Social Media always write the review about drinking Doi Kham Tomato juice everyday will make the skin shines.

  1. Strawberry Seed 80. The late King Bhumibol Adulyadej gave in year 2007

The King’s 80th Birthday Anniversary. This type of fruit. The ripe fruit is fragrant. It has a sweet taste,

fleshy texture, bright red color and beautiful shape.   

Grow very well in the cold weather. The taste is good, and the benefit of this fruit is not only few.


  1. Royal Project bread. The bread is softy.  Mix taste with good smell from of 4 type of vegetables that match very well.

Pumpkin Bread. Rich of the good benefits. Such as Phosphorus, calcium and beta carotene. Helps prevent cancer.

Whole wheat bread. Rich of fibers and many Vitamins in Whole grain. High of Potassium and phosphorus.

Takes care of Heart, and reduce high blood pressure.

Spinach Bread has high chlorophyll.  Suitable for  Anemia patients. Takes care of eyes and Skin. Also, slow down of Dementia in the elderly as well.

Azuki Bean Bread. Rich in carbohydrates, proteins.  Help lower cholesterol. Helps to make the bone and teeth strong.


  1. Khao Doi Brown Rice is the rice that cracked only.  No attrition. The size of rice is big, fat, and short.

The grain is  germ rice. And very sticky. It’s the part full of good benefits for the body. Vitamin B 1 high. Much more than the rice that passed attrition.  Helps to work the nervous system.  Prevention Beriberi.  And good of benefits from the white rice that also have in the Brown rice. Not less than 15 species.

  1. Vegetable in The Royal project. From Top market Sell more than 10 species. Such as Japanese Pumpkin Organic, Lettuce from Royal project,  Spring onion, Sweet chilli, Beetroot and much more.   Gives Nutrition benefits, safe and fresh. Not expensive also.

  1.  Capsule vegetable from the Royal Project  is supplement  food.  For the person who does not like eating vegetable. The elderly who can not chew vegetable.  Or the person who has the problem about chewing foods. Can select capsule food from the Royal Project by in 1 capsule 250 mg.  Contains up to 12 species of vegetables.

  1. Kappus Berry Ice Cream. Ice cream with new different taste.

Sweet and salty from the Kappus Berry.    One of the fruit in Berry family. Rich of Vitamin. Makes White skin and create the collagen. There are also other flavored ice-creams such as Avocado Ice cream,  Passion fruit, Fresh Coffee Ice Cream.  Both flavors and benefits.


There are also many products produced by Royal Project.

From the top of the hill to every area of ​​Thailand everyday. Another thing that King Rama 9 created for Thai People.

No wonder that every time we see the products of the Royal Project will feel warm. Receives from the heart of the giver.