Top 3 superheroes in Real life who across limit of the body perfomance

“If you are always want to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be”  – Maya Angelou.

Have others told you that your dream is too big to be possible?

You always have an idea to make the perfect body, but end up without inspiration?


Congratulations!  You are not the only one who have this problem to change your health. We have told to do the basic role, same thing as every day.  But we did not use the real ability to create or improve own performance.

The ideal of the perfect body, not just wear the beautiful dress and and post on Social media.

But to be healthy, eat clean, and make yourself strong in every day with exercise.

Do not just sart the begining of week, without movetivation.  Comes out of the the comfort zone and do different thing! 

Nowsday, many super hero movies make the character with special ability, to change their life story. 


Same with our Super heroes today who comes with amazing mind to achieve their goals.

Who are they?…   There are only few people in our social. Believes in their self and walk towards on the success road. Being beautiful, not only look good outside. But it comes with the positive thinking.

Here is the top stories of fighters who across of their limit body performance and never give up.

We hope this article will inspire you and change your health life after read this article…



1. Nick Santonastasso

The CEO of  Raw Mettlw Motivation gym.


              Starts with our first superhero,  The 20-year-old from New Jersey was born missing both of his legs, his right arm and all but one finger on his left hand. He always inspiration people in the gym with incredible look.

             Nick had  Hanhart syndrome since he was born.  This disease happens with the baby since since pregnancy period. And, it effects with the baby can not develop the body part same as normal baby.  Rate percentage of patient who get this genetic diseases that can be alive is very low. Only 30%, and Nick is one the lucky person who still alive.

His childhood, he got bully from another child in his age.  Because his of hunusal body.   But we believe this makes him be more strong.

In his video from Youtube channel, name is “My life story”.  Nick has said about the pregnancy of his mother “Of those 12, 8 of them are dead,” he said in the video. He started with going to the gym and do weight training.

For now, he becomes the teenage CEO of his own company Raw Mettlw Motivation gym”

He works with Reebok and give consultant about exercise to the famous Athletes such as Conor Mcgregor and LL Wat.

Nick is the real model and inspire many people who has disease that make unusual body.

Do not just give up with the body, and create own destination!



2. Bethany Hamilton

American professional surfer, 27 years old girl.

               Bethany lost her arm because of accident after a shark attack since she was 13 years old.  she started surving in year of 2003. And have her own story book  ‘Soul Surfer: A True Story of Faith, Family, and Fighting to Get Back on the Board’

But Bethany never give up, she teach herself to surf on the board with only one arm. And attend competition.

She met with Roy “Dutch” Hofstetter, manager who went on to produce the film Soul Surfer.

In 2004, she won the ESPY Award for Best Comeback Athlete, and also received the Courage Teen Choice Award.And appear in the television shows such as  The Biggest Loser, 20/20,

Good Morning America, Inside Edition, The Oprah Winfrey Show, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, The Today Show, and The Tonight Show

In April  2003, Bethany engaged with fiancé, Adam Dirks, on a blind date where the pair jumped off of a cliff together. And give birth to a son in June 2015.


Story of Bethany shows positive thinking. And one amazing woman who never gives up, even she only one arm.


3. Kanya sesser

‘I don’t need legs to feel sexy’  Thai blood model, 25 years old, who was born with half body.

               Kanya was born in Pak Chong, Thailand. She does have two legs and she was abandoned in the front of the temple. When Kanya was only one week, the monk took care her. Untill Kanya turned to 5 years old. She got  devoted adoptive parents and move to Portland, Oregon.Kanya is the real inspiration for all the girls who does not feel confident with the body.

Credit: Caters New Agency

Since young age, she starts with skateboarding, surfing, mono skiing, tennis, wheelchair rugby, wheelchair basketball, wheelchair racing, hiking, swimming, break dancing, quad driving, and more.

 Kanya started with new career as sport bra model. She appear on Code Black (2015). In the same year, Kanya did lingerie photo shoot campaigns with major brands like Nike, Billabong and Panty Prop.  Out of model career. Kanya prefer to have naturally look, and she does not wear make up.

‘I can be girly and I don’t mind wearing it – I like getting my make-up done when I am on a shoot,’ she said.  The Real super hero does not need any megical to be success on the road. Or wait the world tell how much beautiful you are. The real pearl is beautiful from inside depends on your attitude, and passion.


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